Sunday, August 28, 2016

78: "I Need All The Disinfectant" - Disclosure (1994)

Dennis Miller was our SNL alum this week and we are discussing the 1994 Michael Douglas/Demi Moore sexual harassment/virtual reality film "Disclosure".  This film has everything, hard R sex scenes, ridiculous 90s technology, boner discussions, and, oh yeah, virtual reality.  Why put virtual reality in a movie about a female boss seducing her male employee?  Did Michael Douglas sleep with a bobcat?  Why is there a sub genre of films where women go crazy after getting a little Michael Douglas dick? and what is the deal with Michael Douglas's best friend's weird sex habits?  Disclosure was based on a novel by Michael Crichton and directed by Barry Levinson, who after "Toys" and "Man Of The Year" makes his third appearance on the podcast.  We are joined this week by Dirty Sons Of Pitches costar Nate and we also get into a nice discussion of SNL memories and the amazing stand-up of David Koechner.  Enjoy!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

77: "She Has Built Herself A Murder Car" - Taxi (2004)

Remember when a young Jimmy Fallon left SNL to conquer Hollywood, only to sink into obscurity for 5 years before he became the second heir to the Jay Leno throne?  This week on Saturday Night Jive we are discussing the 2004 Jimmy Fallon, Queen Latifah vehicle (get it?) 'Taxi'.  This is a remake of a French film produced by Luc Besson, which neither of us have seen but the fact that it has 3 sequels and doesn't involve an unfunny Jimmy Fallon, we can only assume is far better.  The American version was written by Reno 911 creators Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant and has lots of sexy shots of Giselle Bundchen, unfunny Jimmy Fallon bits, car stunts, and a big drunk Ann-Margret.  How does a mentally challenged man get hired and keep his job on the NYC police force?  What bizarre hours does the NYC BMV keep?  Why did they design so many buildings to house epic car chases?  How does Queen Latifah keep her incredibly attractive boyfriend?  We also discuss the current SNL cast shake-ups (Goodbye Taran Killam, Jay Pharoah and Jon Rudnitsky) and are sponsored this week by Gary's Getaway Garage.  When you have to modify your car to commit crimes there is no better place in New York City to go.  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

76: "Suprise Poo" - True Identity (1991)

True Identity FilmPoster.jpegIn 1991 Sir Lenny Harris graced the United States with his presence and gave us "True Identity".  The movie tells the story of Miles Pope, a wanna-be Shakespearean actor who runs a fowl of the mafia and has to pose as a white man to hide.  He then poses as the assassin sent to kill him.  It's a comedy where Frank Langella gives the funniest performance if that is any indication to the quality.  Saturday Night Jive is here to dissect this film which features an extended cameo by SNL alum Michael McKean along with James Earl Jones as himself and the Pierre Bernard of comedy, Charles Lane.  This movie was also written by Andy Breckman who wrote the classic SNL sketch "White Like Me".  How easy is it to sneak into FBI headquarters?  Why do so many 90s comedies involve the mafia?  How dangerous are waterbeds?  And is sitting down to pee more comfortable for a man?  These questions and more in this week's episode.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

75: "Shit Flakes" - Foodfight! (2013)

Foodfight! DVD cover.jpgNot since 'Freddy Got Fingered' have we been so adamant that this is the worst film we have watched.  'Foodfight!' tells the story of Dex Dogtective as he runs around a supermarket that comes to life after it closes searching for his lost love, a sexy and possibly blind cat-human hybrid thing.  Along the way he uncovers a secret plot that may eliminate all the mascots from existence, so with the help of Mr. Clean, Mrs. Butterworth, Charlie Tuna and The Vlasic Pickle Stork he wages a war with the only weapon at their disposal, food.  Think 'Toy Story' but with food mascots, sexual innuendos, terrible puns, vomit inducing animation and Nazis, lots of Nazis.  Chris Kattan voices an annoying penguin which brings this movie to the podcast.  The movie features a cast that includes Charlie Sheen, Ed Asner, Christopher Lloyd, Hilary Duff, Wayne Brady, Eva Longoria, Larry Miller, Jerry Stiller, Harvey Fierstein and Christine Baranski but with zero laughs and did we mention this movie looks like a big pile of garbage?  Get ready for the most confounding movie discussion in Saturday Night Jive history.  It's FOODFIGHT!, enjoy.
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