Tuesday, August 16, 2016

76: "Suprise Poo" - True Identity (1991)

True Identity FilmPoster.jpegIn 1991 Sir Lenny Harris graced the United States with his presence and gave us "True Identity".  The movie tells the story of Miles Pope, a wanna-be Shakespearean actor who runs a fowl of the mafia and has to pose as a white man to hide.  He then poses as the assassin sent to kill him.  It's a comedy where Frank Langella gives the funniest performance if that is any indication to the quality.  Saturday Night Jive is here to dissect this film which features an extended cameo by SNL alum Michael McKean along with James Earl Jones as himself and the Pierre Bernard of comedy, Charles Lane.  This movie was also written by Andy Breckman who wrote the classic SNL sketch "White Like Me".  How easy is it to sneak into FBI headquarters?  Why do so many 90s comedies involve the mafia?  How dangerous are waterbeds?  And is sitting down to pee more comfortable for a man?  These questions and more in this week's episode.
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