Sunday, January 10, 2016

61: "Fat Dog Goes To The Fat Kid" - Air Buddies

Saturday Night Jive is back!  Happy 2016!  To ring in the new year we are delving into "Air Buddies" featuring the voice of SNL alum Molly Shannon as Air Bud's bitch.  Remember Air Bud, the basketball playing pooch?  Did you know he also went on to play baseball, soccer and football?  Did you know he went on to father five adorable puppies, all with their own unique personality that coincides with their name?  This week and the next 8 will be focused on the buddies franchise, that's right there are 8 of them.  Air Buddies is about their first adventure where they have to rescue their parents from evil dog-nappers.  They also encounter a wolf voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan, a goat voiced by Wallace Shawn, a pig that speaks in pig latin, a biker gang that loves puppies and puppy related movies and one of the puppies gets drunk on wine.  All films are available on Netflix streaming, George finds them absurd and delightful while Ben thinks these are the last 8 weeks of his life.  Enjoy them with us!
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