Monday, July 27, 2015

41: "Vagina Monsters From Venus" - Martians Go Home

In this episode of Saturday Night Jive, Randy Quaid makes his 4th appearance as we discuss "Martians Go Home".  This is a movie that George was obsessed with as a young comedy nerd because of the abundance of bad stand-ups from the '80s.  This film is loaded with plot holes, bad jokes, horrible visual effects, green gardening gloves, Barry Sobel and cheesy love ballads.  Stay past the end credits for vagina monsters from Venus.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

40: "Sugar Cubes And Cat Shit" - Modern Problems

Modern Problems is the story of a down on his luck guy who through the magic of toxic waste and an open sunroof develops telekinetic powers.  How to use these powers?  Good?  Evil?  Cleaning cat shit off a bar of soap and stacking sugar cubes?  Spoiler alert, it's the third option.  We try to wrap our mere mortal brains around this film with the help of George's roommate Bryan, who I don't believe we ever introduce, who wants a professionally made podcast?  Chevy Chase makes his third appearance on Saturday Night Jive but definitely not his last, I mean, we haven't even mentioned "Under The Rainbow" yet.
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Monday, July 20, 2015

39: "Bit Of A Chubby Chaser" - The Crazysitter"

This week Saturday Night Jive pops in another VHS found at the Goodwill.  "The Crazysitter" starring Beverly D'Angelo, Ed Begley Jr., Carol Kane, two very annoying children and, in a cameo appearance that deserves 4th billing, SNL alum Phil Hartman.  This is the only Phil Hartman movie that doesn't have a Wikipedia page and also the only one, to our knowledge, that involves selling children on the black market.  Odds are you will never see this gem, but you can listen to us discuss it.  The Crazysitter, she'll steal your heart, right after she sells your kids!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

38: "More Farts, Asshole" - Three Fugitives, Joe Dirt 2 & A Man Called Sarge

We're Back! I'm not talking about the 1993 cartoon movie subtitled A Dinosaur's Story, although Martin Short is in that, speaking of Martin Short, we watched a movie starring him.  This week Saturday Night Jive returns after a lengthy hiatus to discuss not one, not two but three SNL related movies, we also talk about the actual show very briefly.  We tackle the new Crackle original picture Joe Dirt 2 then we talk about the first 10 minutes of A Man Called Sarge (A very obscure movie starring Gary Kroeger and a pre-op Bruce Jenner which is currently on Netflix) before leaping into one of George's favorites from childhood, Three Fugitives starring Martin Short and Nick Nolte.  Will it hold up?  We also promise to be more diligent about podcasting regularly.  Will that hold up?  Stay tuned to the end for a compilation of Nick Nolte saying "asshole".  Enjoy!