Friday, September 23, 2016

81: "Dan's Aykroyd's Big Fat Ass" - Rainbow (1996)

Did you know Bob Hoskins directed a children's film about kids riding rainbows?  Neither did we but Dan Aykroyd is in it as a fat southern sheriff so we can talk about it.  This is 'Rainbow' from 1996 and for being the first film shot in Hi-Def, it looks like shit.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

80: "Bitch Slap From An Old Jew" - Motorama (1991)

Image result for motorama 1991 It's Robin Duke week on Saturday Night Jive!  We delved deep into the hidden corners of IMDB to discover a movie featuring not one, but two SNL alums, "Motorama".  Neither of us had any knowledge of this movie before we saw it and we may not have any knowledge of it after either.  This is a movie about a 10 year old kid (or is he an old man?) in a stolen Mustang on a road trip trying to collect all the pieces to a game called Motorama so he can win the grand prize.  On the way he meets Garrett Morris, Michael J. Pollard, Flea, Robin Duke, Meatloaf, Shelly Berman, Drew Barrymore, Robert Picardo (who may or may not be God), Dick Miller and Jack Nance.  He also gets raped, tattooed, beaten up, thrown out a window, and meets his future self.  This movie makes no damn sense.  It's like David Lynch decided to make a film for children.  Take this cross country journey with us on this week's episode of Saturday Night Jive.  We also geek out a little bit about Twin Peaks coming back.  Enjoy!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

79: "Magical Tears" - Underdogs aka Metegol (2016)

This week on Saturday Night Jive we are talking about the U.S. dub of Underdogs, an Argentinian animated film featuring the voices of 3 SNL alums.  Bobby Moynhian, Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah all make appearances in this movie, available on Netflix streaming.  A young man is in a pickle when his town is bought by his childhood bully and the restaurant he works at is destroyed.  His solution, challenge him to a soccer match with the help of his tiny Foosball team which has become sentient because of his magic tears.  The movie is actually pretty good, especially once we get to a montage where our hero gathers a ragtag group of townies to make up his team (including a hermit, an emo kid, a criminal and a catholic priest).  Bobby Moynihan plays 4 characters in the movie and we also discuss the fact that he may be in the top tier of all-time SNL cast members.  The movie also features the voices of Nicholas Hoult, Mel Brooks, Ariana Grande and Chazz Palminteri.  Enjoy!
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