Sunday, August 28, 2016

78: "I Need All The Disinfectant" - Disclosure (1994)

Dennis Miller was our SNL alum this week and we are discussing the 1994 Michael Douglas/Demi Moore sexual harassment/virtual reality film "Disclosure".  This film has everything, hard R sex scenes, ridiculous 90s technology, boner discussions, and, oh yeah, virtual reality.  Why put virtual reality in a movie about a female boss seducing her male employee?  Did Michael Douglas sleep with a bobcat?  Why is there a sub genre of films where women go crazy after getting a little Michael Douglas dick? and what is the deal with Michael Douglas's best friend's weird sex habits?  Disclosure was based on a novel by Michael Crichton and directed by Barry Levinson, who after "Toys" and "Man Of The Year" makes his third appearance on the podcast.  We are joined this week by Dirty Sons Of Pitches costar Nate and we also get into a nice discussion of SNL memories and the amazing stand-up of David Koechner.  Enjoy!
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