Thursday, July 13, 2017

118: "The Maury Povich Show Is Still In Its Infancy" - Father's Day (1997)

It's finally here!  We're doing Father's Day from 1997 featuring 3 SNL alums, Billy Crystal, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the late great Charles Rocket.  Buckle up kids, this is a weird fucking movie.  Two strangers who boned the same chick 17 years ago team up to find their missing possible son.  You know you're in trouble when in one of the first scenes of the movie Robin Williams puts a gun in his mouth.  Where did Robin Williams get a closet full of disguises?  Why does Mel Gibson cameo in this movie?  How much did Sugar Ray pay to costar in this film?  Why couldn't this be a nice movie about Bruce Greenwood escaping from a porta-potty?  These questions and more on this week's episode of Saturday Night Jive.  Enjoy!

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