Thursday, July 27, 2017

120: "What's This? Karate-oke?" - Duets (2000)

We found a weird one.  Maya Rudolph appears in the 2000 karaoke road trip drama Duets and she also acted as the film's music supervisor?  Paul Giamatti leaves his family, Huey Lewis hustles with his voice, Andre Braugher robs to sing, Gwyneth Paltrow saves her mayonnaise packets and Maria Bello uses blowjobs as currency all in their quest to win that cool cool $5,000 in the karaoke competition in Omaha.  What the fuck was this thing that we watched?  Words can only begin to describe the utter bizzareness of this film.  Special thanks to Karaoke Karl, wherever you are.  Enjoy!

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