Thursday, June 29, 2017

116: "I Have A Problem With Your Inter-Dimensional Incest" - Chances Are (1989)

This week on Saturday Night Jive, Christopher MacDonald dies and gets reincarnated as Robert Downey, Jr..  After he graduates college he meets a girl and her mom, who happens to be his wife in his past life.  It's the most charming movie featuring a father trying to have sex with his daughter.  It's Chances Are starring SNL alum Robert Downey, Jr., Cybill Shepherd, Ben's favorite actor, Ryan O'Neal and our mom's favorite actress, Mary Stuart Masterston.  The real question here is, is it ever ok to have sex with your daughter?  Even if its through a weird reincarnation loophole, it's still weird.  But then again every relationship is messed up in this film.  Still, with all the problems, it is a charming romantic comedy.  Enjoy!
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