Sunday, February 12, 2017

98: "Hey, That's My Robot" - The Experts (1989)

It's Brian Doyle-Murray week on Saturday Night Jive and we have unearthed an insanely fun 80s oddity, The Experts.  John Travolta and Arye Gross star as two dumbass 80s nightclub guys who get kidnapped and sent to a secret town in Russia to open a happening go-go American nightclub in order to teach Russian spies how to be hip like MTV.  SCTV's Dave Thomas directed this comedy that is so 80s it even features a cool 80s robot.  It's a 80s Hope and Crosby-esque Road movie complete with montages, long dance sequences, bad hair, a commentary on socialism vs. capitalism, old ladies getting dildos, disturbing sex scenes and did I mention cool 80s robots?  John Travolta met his wife on this film and we get to see them consummate their marriage.  Sorry for the political talk in the middle but a movie about Russian politics got us into a thing.  Definite recommendations on this one.  Check out The Experts and enjoy us talking about it and George's shitty John Travolta impression.
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