Monday, February 6, 2017

97: "Lips And Assholes" - The Great Outdoors (1988)

One more round of Dan Aykroyd as this week we are talking about The John Hughes penned The Great Outdoors.  This episodic comedy features a terrific performance from the Oscar winning Bart The Bear but is very light on gags.  We discuss the creepiness of twins, the shitiness of Nintendo games, Dan Aykroyd's dieting tips, swap stories about bats and raccoons, and the ridiculous lack of plot in this movie.  Does Robert Prosky have "Bear Shining"?  Why does a restaurant even have a 96 ounce steak in the freezer to serve to customers?  Was Robert Prosky planning a 'Weekend At Bernies' subplot?  Why is John Candy so mad at Dan Ayrkoyd when half of the time it is his own fault that he is having a miserable time?  All this and more on this weeks Saturday Night Jive.  Enjoy!
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