Wednesday, October 19, 2016

84: "Please Don't Send Me To The Cornfield, Ed" - Good Burger (1997)

We're back to discuss yet another Kenan Thompson film.  It's Good Burger, the Kenan and Kel film from Nickelodeon Studios.  In this cinema classic we follow a mentally challenged young man who gets screwed over and taken advantage of by his best friend.  Ed, our favorite fast food employee, is obviously a stoner character but since this is a children's film we just say he's comically stupid.  Unfortunately, since he is also a child, it is hard to join in on the fun when all we want to do is make sure he gets home okay.  How does Good Burger stay in business when mental defectives run the cash register?  Can you make a children's film with murder and cannibalism in it?  Why do they send an adult woman to seduce a child?  Is there a greater conspiracy involving Ed's wealthy and eccentric family?  Who books the guests for Linda Richman's talk show?  All these questions will be answered as well as a lot of Abe Vigoda love in this very un-PC episode of Saturday Night Jive.  Enjoy!
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