Wednesday, October 5, 2016

82: "A 50 Dollar Bill In A Pile Of Turds" - Little Nicky (2000)

This week on Saturday Night Jive we are talking Adam Sandler's first outright bomb, the 2000 comedy Little Nicky.  Here he plays the son of the devil who has to save hell from his evil brothers.  It is filled with homophobia, goofy voices and plenty of product placement for Popeye's Chicken.  We dance around talking about this movie because it really is a bummer to watch and talk about.  We diverge into discussions about Hitler jokes, The Arquette family and insertion shots in porn.  Stay tuned next week for a hopefully livelier discussion of a Brad Hall film and check out George's blog to read some reviews of SNL from season 20 and his youtube page, "Georgebaileyactor" to see some short films we have made.
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