Saturday, March 4, 2017

101: "Not Much, But I Did Take That Big Shit" - Wagons East (1994)

You didn't think a 1990s western comedy could be worse than 'Almost Heroes', did you?  Well we found some more scum at the bottom of that barrel that also features an SNL cast member.  'Wagons East' starring Richard Lewis and John Candy and featuring a pretty funny performance by Mr. I'm Gonna Say The F Word On Live TV Then Get Murdered In A Cornfield And Call It A Suicide himself, Charles Rocket.  What a coincidence that 2 famous overweight comedians died filming bad western comedies.  The most interesting part of this movie if trying to spot a dead man's stunt double.  We talk about whether or not John Candy was actually a comic actor or just an actor who appeared in comedies, because he's not that funny, ponder some more theories on Charles Rocket's death and make a stand for legal murder.  Enjoy!
Also, if you're interested the Charles Rocket as a robot TV pilot we mention is called 'Steel Collar Man' and you can watch some of it on YouTube, and it is insane.
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