Tuesday, June 28, 2016

70: "Little Chick Dick" - Wired (1989)

It is time for the failed 1989 biopic of original Not Ready For Prime Time Player John Belushi.  It's Wired, the movie based on the Bob Woodward book with too much truth in it.  This movie is far more interesting to talk about than watch.  This movie didn't get the rights to use Saturday Night Live sketches so they instead bizarrely recreated them with Richard Nixon Coneheads.  It also decides to put Bob Woodward in the movie as a character who sits on Belushi's death bed.  How did Belushi die?  What does Michael Chiklis look like naked?  How old is Alex Rocco? Did Dan Aykroyd ever call back his witch army?  The answers to all those questions and more in this weel's episode.  Enjoy!
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