Saturday, February 6, 2016

63: "Jeffrey Jones's Balls" - Houseguest

How did Sinbad get in that mailbox?  If you've seen the poster for the 1995 movie "Houseguest", that question has been on your mind for the past 21 years.  This week on Saturday Night Jive we will delve deep into that question and more as we discuss, sadly, one of Phil Hartman's few starring vehicles.  We also question the business model of the mafia, discuss the price of 1994 baseball cards, get to the bottom of Jeffrey Jones's sex offender convictions, get into some mediocre 90s stand-up comedians, pitch a remake of "The Parent Trap" and plan some insurance fraud.  Enjoy and stay tuned for some bizarre Christmas carol parodies performed by the stars of the film.
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