Saturday, November 7, 2015

57: "Michael's Magic Juice" - Space Jam

We're finally doing it.  It was a pairing everybody was waiting for, Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny, together at last on the big screen.  We're talking Space Jam, the 1996 classic featuring SNL all star Bill Murray.  For some reason this movie holds a special place in the hearts of a generation.  The two of us at Saturday Night Jive insist that it is a big waste of 87 minutes, almost as long as the podcast you are about to hear.  Are there secret steroid messages within?  Is Daffy Duck a homosexual?  Who doesn't want to fuck Lola Bunny?  What are the rules of this cartoon universe?  Who is watching Michael Jordan's children?  Why spend so much time focusing on Patrick Ewing's sex drive?  These questions and more in this week's Saturday Night Jive.  Also enjoy an inexplicable Barry White jam afterwards.
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