Sunday, September 27, 2015

51: "Just Having A Hitler Meeting" - Under The Rainbow

This week we got a doozy of a film for you.  Saturday Night Jive finally takes on the 1981 Chevy Chase opus "Under The Rainbow", also starring Carrie Fisher, Adam Arkin, Billy Barty, 150 drunk munchkins, Adolph Hitler, and a bus full of J.A.P.S..  On the surface you would think this movie was a biopic about the Wizard Of Oz munchkins but it is much much more.  You have intrigue, spies, Nazis, assassins, dukes, dead dogs, sword fights, sexually assaulting munchkins, bestiality and racism, lots and lots of racism.  Is this movie more offensive to little people or the Japanese?  You be the judge, or more likely, let us be the judge.  We're the ones with a microphone.  Enjoy!
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